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Tell us your important date.
If it's in the past, we we'll count the days since then. If it's in the future, we'll count down until that day. We'll tweet the milestones on your behalf.

DayCountr is free service for twitter users.

You can use it to set up automatic tweets to let your followers know about important dates coming up, or as a reminder to celebrate past events.

Select a date, create a message and tell us how often you would like us to tweet about it - daily, weekly, every 10 days, monthly, every 100 days or yearly.

You can also tell us what time of day you would us to send the tweet.

For example, you may want us to count down the days until your wedding, or party, or exam, or until you start your new job.

Or perhaps you want to remind yourself, and your followers, about how long it's been since you met the love of your life, how long you have been away from home or how long you have been in recovery.

Try it. It's free!