Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many counters can I set up?

    Up to five initialy, but if you send us some feedback and ask, we can bump that up for you.

  • How can I change the date or the message that's tweeted?

    Simply delete the event and add it again with a new date/message.

  • The tweets aren't being sent at the time of day I selected.

    We send our your tweets based on your local time - the time zone you have set in your Twitter account. Go to the settings page of your Twitter account to set this correctly.

  • My time zone is set correctly but the tweets are being sent an hour later that I expect.

    Twitter does not take daylight savings time into account. So, during summer months if you are in a country that uses daylight savings, the tweets will be an hour late. You can adjust this by changing the 'tweet at' time to an hour earlier.

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If it's in the past, we we'll count the days since then. If it's in the future, we'll count down until that day. We'll tweet the milestones on your behalf.