Help for DayCountr

How to add a date to tweet about

  1. Click on the 'Sign in with Twitter' button - this will open the Twitter application conntect page.
  2. Follow the intructions and click the button to allow DayCountr access.
  3. Your DayCountr page is displayed - click on the 'Add date to tweet about' button.
  4. Select a date using the calender.
  5. Enter message to tweet, or select one from the list of suggested messages
    • There are different suggested messages depending on whether the date you select is in the future or in the past
    • To allow for flexibility in the message, there are two parts - a part that will appear before the number of days and a part that will appear after the number of days in the message:

      This allows you to have the number of days at the end of the message:
      3 months, 4 days
      The Tweeted message will be
      "We have been married for 3 months, 4 days"

      Or at the start:
      3 months, 4 days
      The Tweeted message will be
      "3 months, 4 days ago we got married"

      Or in the middle:
      3 months, 4 days
      The Tweeted message will be
      "We were married 3 months, 4 days ago"

  6. Choose how often you would like us to send out a tweet about this date - Daily, Weekly, Every ten days, Monthly, Every hundred days or Yearly.
  7. Choose the time of day you would like us to send out the tweet
  8. Click OK and that's it! Tweets will be posted telling the world about your important date.

Questions? See our FAQ page or contact us at

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Tell us your important date.
If it's in the past, we we'll count the days since then. If it's in the future, we'll count down until that day. We'll tweet the milestones on your behalf.